ActiveAdmin and AssociationTypeMismatch

I’ve spent a few good hours fighting a strange issue in my rails application’s ActiveAdmin module. I couldn’t create an has_many_through association without getting the AssociationTypeMismatch error on create or update of the resource!

Solutions found on the internet involved using elements_attributes instead of elements, adding accept_nested_attributes but nothing seemed to work! The solution turned out to be surprisingly simple.

Here is the example – the code is pretty trivial:

In a User model I have

class User < AR:Base
 has_many :groupings
 has_many :elelements, :through => :groupings

In the ActiveAdmin view definition I  have:

form do |f|
 f.inputs "Elements" do
  f.input :elements, :as => :check_boxes, :collection => Element.all

To get this to work you MUST add an active admin resource representing the connecting M2M table, in my case called  Groupings. After adding it everything started working!

A small tip: Because u usually don’t want to have that table on your dashboard you can either hide it (set the menu option to false), or remove it from top menu:  menu :parent => “Users” and it will show up as submenu under the users top menu. Nice, clean, and accessible 🙂

Hope it will save someone some time.

Happy Hacking in 2012

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